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What is Bitcoin
Created : Wednesday 8 March 2017 || By : Heyray
Bitcoin is a cryptographic currency regulated and controlled by clever algorithms. This basically means that it is a digital version of cash. But unlike physical money, or currency, there is no way for this currency to be controlled by any bank or government. It is not set to match the value of gold, or any country's worth, but a currency set into play, and controlled by those who own and desire it.

So how do i get it?

There is a cap of 21,000,000 Bitcoins that can ever be "mined" or used for transactions. Mining a Bitcoin in a nutshell, can be a complicated task requiring large computing power, and some technical know how. On top of that as time goes on, mining the currency is slowly coming to an end, since there is a maximum amount. So the average guy wanting to get in on the "mining" is pretty much SOL. With that being said, the value of mining is slowly depleting. The best way of getting your hands on Bitcoin now is by having a digital wallet, (there are plenty online and available to anyone with an email address; just type in "Bitcoin wallet" into your favorite search engine and see what comes up!) and purchasing them from others who want to sell them. The majority of the digital wallet websites have internal instructions of how to purchase them. Some good news is you can use the digital currency just about anywhere. There are now major websites and certain stores that will accept your credit card or Bitcoin as payments.